Vitamin Dee Photography


The Jist:
Dee loves nouns!

The Summary:
Though she maintains her New York sensibility, capturing the quintessence of her subject matter while infusing it with pure sensuality-color, texture, movement and energy, Dee’s work has gained a fresh subtlety and sophistication since moving to the PNW. Merging her keen visual sensibility with her love of people, Dee captures the essence of “how people make fun,” which she helps us see is an act of spirit and not mere frivolity.

The Essay:
Dee, as she is known in the circle of friends, colleagues, and photography subjects who inhabit her imaginative landscape, is a photographer of Puerto Rican descent, Dee was raised in the dichotomous worlds of Manhattan’s Loisaida, Stapleton, Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY. These environs and her experience of their vastly different world views, form the foundation of her vision as an artist. Like a footloose street urchin, her sensibility is both playful and darkly knowing, warm and vividly spontaneous, a truly unique perspective into the worlds she chooses to illuminate.

Her early work in 2005 brought her to the dance halls and nightclubs of New York City where she developed the buoyancy of her vision and her work with professional musicians. DJ’s immersed in deep spin, musicians and dancers entranced in groove, all capturing the inherent ecstasy of the moment- these images became her calling card and attracted artists and celebrities for their press kits; such as Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, The Martinez Brothers, Mr. V and Alix Alvarez of Sole Channel Music, Vega Records and Om Records to working with her.

In August of 2008, Dee relocated to Seattle, Washington where her work has continued to evolve as the Pacific Northwest reconfigures her unique vision. Her portfolio has grown to include Portraiture; Erotica;  Candid Event; and Business. Her work also continues to attract the attention of well known artists. In 2009, Dee shot Grammy nominated The Foreign Exchange at Seattle’s Nectar Lounge. Her work was featured in Seattle’s 2009 & 2010 Erotic Art Festival. She has had two exhibitions of her erotic photos at Babeland in May/June 2009 and 2010. In 2011, she is listed as one of the Top 100 Finalist of the annual One Life Photography Competition held by Photo District News (PDN) and Artists Wanted. Her photo of the actor/comic, Andy Dick has been chosen to be featured in their upcoming book publication due out in April, 2012.

Written by Alison Laird Craig.