020: Coreena

Happy Friday!!

I've been busy shooting and putting together a special project that I've been working on that's FINALLY coming together!!!  So that's where I've been spending my time.  One of those shoots was for local music artist, COREENA! She's an Electronic artist, who loves coconut bliss chocolate ice cream eaten best on a cold winter evening, apocalyptic / sci-fi movies, and big eyed animals!  I'm excited to share the photo we shot for her new album cover and to share this mini interview with her:

1.  WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR NEW ALBUM? That it’s the beginning of my independent music journey, I’ll always have fond memories of how this album came to be, all the work, learning and experiences I had. It’s changed me as a person for the better.

2. WHAT LESSONS HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF AS AN ARTIST SINCE YOUR LAST ALBUM? That I actually have more music in me than I thought. When I have dry spells of not writing, I think, uh oh, is that it? Will I have any more to write? I’ve learned that I do!

3. WHAT DO YOU DO TO RELAX? Hmmm I’m still trying to figure out how to relax!

4. HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN A GOOD MENTAL ATTITUDE? I do a lot of self talk, it’s like I’m my own personal shrink, I’m constantly checking my attitude and feelings, to make sure I’m in the right frame of mind. Positive self talk helps!

5. HOW DO YOU GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY? I have a recent venture that will involved working with local business and communities stay tuned! Also I give my time by volunteering when I can.

6. WHAT ARE YOUR UPCOMING SHOWS? I’m doing a series of more intimate shows and experimenting with my live sound. I have a tour coming up in March 2015. This year I have Columbia City Theater, Lucid Lounge, The Cask, and a few more in the works! Be sure to check out www.coreenamusic.com for updates please, support a sista! :)

018: Poochie Purrs

Comso has some interesting ideas on what makes someone a good lover.  I've heard all kinds:  Big feet, big d*ck,  good appetite at the table means good appetite in bed, if they can dance, they're good at the horizontal dance, or my favorite, the dirtier their napkin - the better the lover.  

While that's what gets people to click on those articles, the only true indicator of a good lover is someone who can communicate what they want and someone who can listen to what their partner wants.

It has been said that where words fail, music speaks.  I asked Mollie aka Poochie to list some tracks: one to kiss to, one to make love to and one to fuck to.  Let's listen to what she has to say:


1.  Song to kiss to:

2. Song to make love to:

3. Song to fuck to:  (Ummm, she provided an entire mix - ahem.)

4.  Song to lay in bed after to:  (Gotta love a gal who thinks about *after* the climax! Swoon)