Vitamin Dee Photography


002: Fun Facts

Cielo - NYC, 2005

  • This is the fist photo I sold.
  • It was taken with a Nikon CoolPix 4300.
  • It was sold to Cielo for use on their calendar promos.
  • Vitamin Dee was a nick name given to me by a dear friend in high school. It was due to how much better she'd feel after hanging and bugging out with me.
  • I started out as a Design + T-shirt company.
  • I was a photographer for my HS yearbook.
  • After posting a photo on MySpace of DJ Sneak at Escape in Amsterdam, I was asked to become a rep for Om Records in NYC. (It was a lot of fun.)
  • I found love when I *really* wasn't looking.
  • I'm allergic to peaches.