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018: Poochie Purrs

Comso has some interesting ideas on what makes someone a good lover.  I've heard all kinds:  Big feet, big d*ck,  good appetite at the table means good appetite in bed, if they can dance, they're good at the horizontal dance, or my favorite, the dirtier their napkin - the better the lover.  

While that's what gets people to click on those articles, the only true indicator of a good lover is someone who can communicate what they want and someone who can listen to what their partner wants.

It has been said that where words fail, music speaks.  I asked Mollie aka Poochie to list some tracks: one to kiss to, one to make love to and one to fuck to.  Let's listen to what she has to say:


1.  Song to kiss to:

2. Song to make love to:

3. Song to fuck to:  (Ummm, she provided an entire mix - ahem.)

4.  Song to lay in bed after to:  (Gotta love a gal who thinks about *after* the climax! Swoon)