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019: Red Lipstick - Mollie


Today I asked Mollie 2 questions that actually have a hidden meaning. Let's find out what her favorite color and body of water reveal about this cutie!

Question #1:  What's your favorite color and list 3 adjectives to how you feel when you wear it?

M:  Fav color is blue! I remember the exact moment it became my favorite color. When I was 5, I was standing in my driveway with feral kittens stuffed down my sweatshirt, ready for a bike ride and I decided that I hated pink since it was the color I was supposed to wear because I was a girl. I was a total tomboy and decided right then blue was my favorite color because it was "supposed" to be a boy's color.

3 adjectives about how I feel when I wear it - Bright, peaceful, soulful.

This is how she feels when she's in LOVE.

Question #2:  What is your favorite body of water? How do you feel when you're in it / look at it?

M:  Oh this one is so hard! I love water so much but it always comes back to fresh water rivers, specifically the one I grew up on. The Stillaguamish river was about 10 feet from our house. Fresh glacier water, nothing can beat that.

3 adjectives for how I feel when I look at it or are in it:  Peaceful, exhilarated, harmonious.

This is how she feels when she MAKES LOVE.

Happy Valentines Day! :)

In 2011 I started a portrait series on red lipstick because I learned that  English prostitutes would wear red lipstick for the reason that led clients to believe they'd perform fellatio or oral sex. When Queen Victoria took the thrown, she out rightly denounced the wearing of lipstick; that lipstick was only for prostitutes, sinners and outcasts of society.  

So, I set out to photograph the INcast of the OUTcasts.  It's been a lot of fun but I'm looking to shoot some more people.  If you are interested, send me an email with "red lipstick model" in the subject line to  You must be 18+ and you'll be required to sign a model release.