Vitamin Dee Photography


022: This Drag Life

You may have heard I'm seeking some talent for an upcoming portraits series, inspired by Seattle's vibrant LGBTQIA community!

We want to capture the personalities that flourish on stage and in the spotlight; and document the magic of transformation in the behind-the-scenes moments. We are aiming to produce several shoots to tell a colorful and cohesive story that profiles each performer to display them in art shows and pitch to editorials. We love diversity: all ages, sizes, races, styles, sexual orientations and experiences welcome — because the world needs to see how beautiful and awesome you all are.

You'll be working with Seattle-based  by way of NYC  portraits photographer, yours truly, Vitamin Dee; and Seattle + NYC-based Art Director Jen Ng.  We are fun, sassy, and we are sex-positive!!  Send an email to, or use the contact section of the  site to let us know you are interested in working with us!

*There is monetary compensation. Vitamin Dee will supply you with hi-res photography for your personal and professional usage. We'll let you know if your photos get chosen for an editorial / art show.


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