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021: Cara - Red Lipstick II

Cara - 2014 Red Lipstick II, Seattle

I first met Cara about 5 years ago at a mutual friend's birthday party.  Our East Coast sarcastic / inappropriate satire made us hit it off right from the go.  Since then we've shared some seriously fun times together and I'm sure there's more to come.  

Aside from being a good friend, she's a talented graphic designer and a DJ! You can be sure you've seen her working it around town.  I am thrilled she agreed to sit for my 2nd round of my Red Lipstick series and answer these silly questions:

What wouldn’t you do without?

Laughing so hard it hurts. boy on the box dancing. listening to/playing/creating music. deep breaths. whiskey neat. salt/fresh/frozen water. riding bikes/motorcycles/mountains. traveling physical/energetic/parallel worlds. love. 

Where do you gather most of the inspiration from?

From the inspirational memes on facebook. turns out that animals, sunsets and mountains are very inspirational. oh and the words in horrible typefaces are also.. what's that word? oh yes. inspiring.  

If you join the circus, what would you perform?

I used to be a sword swallower, but once you've had one sword, you've had them all. I've always admired midgets. I guess you have to be born that way. clowns have always freaked me out. that seems like a dare. I. accept.

Is there anything purple within 10 feet of you? What is it?

A clown. that's weird. Carl Sagan must be telling me. send in the clowns.

Have you ever eating a crayon, or glue? Or what strange thing have you eaten?

No. why would you eat a crayon when it looks so cool melted on the cement of your friends basement? glue. yes. I mean no. sniffed, but never ate it. oh wait. unless it counts as eating it when you put it on your fingertips and then peel it off with your teeth? define strange.

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