Vitamin Dee Photography


"Sometimes we forget to commend and give props to our peers or people we surround ourselves with because they seem to always be "there". We seem to know their worth but sometimes it’s just good to let them know "Yo, your doing great work. Keep it up." That being said I have to show love to some one who is doing some amazing work and that has always exceeded my expectations when working with them; The photographer known as Vitamin Dee. She’s done countless work in the scene shooting some of my contemporaries including my partner Mr. V. She’s come along way and still growing. She is on point and has great foresight when working on a photo shoot or design. Just putting it out there to let people in our industry know if your looking to get your press kit together, photo shoots etc. hit Vitamin Dee up. She is the sure-shot. Check her out!"

- Alex Alvarez / Los Angeles : NYC

DJ/Producer - SOLE Channel Music LLC


“Look up the word "Professional" and Vitamin Dee's name will appear before your eyes. Working with the camera is something anyone can do, but it takes not only a quick hand and incredible creativity, but it's mainly about VISUALS. When you look at Vitamin Dee's photos; you see them all! Hell the camera doesn't lie and neither does Vitamin Dee's photography work.

Throw in some wit, humor and an all around great person to not only work with or vibe off of, but she also makes you feel at home and not at just a photo shoot. After all is said and done you have VITAMIN DEE PHOTOGRAPHY. Respect.

- Mr. V. / NYC

DJ/Producer - SOLE channel Music LLC., NY


"After corresponding via myspace and email about what I should expect when arriving in NY for my shoot with Dee,I was greeted by Miss Dee and her crew. From step one, I felt very comfortable with Dee, which is crucial when being in front of the lens. This woman is nothing but good vibes and truth, her work speaks for itself. Dee has carved out a unique niche into the underground music scene by capturing artists such as Alix Alvarez (Sole Channel) and DJ Colette live in the mix as well as behind the scenes at the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival photographing some of the most well known hip hop figures of our time like Big Daddy Kane, Lupe Fiasco, and Strange Fruit Project. Dee is super easy to relate with on a personal level as well as a professional level. For the photographically inclined, Dee is sure to break everything down in laments terms for better understanding and digestion of the photo being captured."

- Jacqueline Marie / San Francisco

Songstress / Music writer - The Mint Collective


"After seeing Dee's portrait of DJ Coral, I knew I had to do shoot with her. She didn't just take a portrait of Coral, she seized her essence. My shoot was sooo much fun. A few friends, a few beers, snap-snap. Dee does more than just make it look easy -- she makes it feel easy, for you! Dee captured from me the person I never knew existed but always hoped to see."

- Jen Woolfe / San Francisco